MMDT1144 Multimedia and the Web
Week 5

Week 5

General notes:

  • Verify that your work is up on the server.  Many times I have seen instances where the "put" command does not put all the files up to the server.  I can only grade what I see on the server.  Your work must be assessible via links from the homepage of your web account.
  • Check your work from another computer connected to the internet.  By accident you might use a relative link to graphics or files on your hard drive.  To check for this error, check your finished work from another computer!
  • Periodically check your server for "orphaned" files and folders.  These are files and folders no longer needed in your site, but were left behind due to renaming of files and deletions.
  • Your site should view at 950 pixels wide with no horizontal scrolling required.

Autostretch in a table

Get your files for in class use from here (37 KB zipped).

The finished Bits-N-Bytes website using autostretch.

Spacer images.

Image Swaps

Get your files for in class use from here (46 KB zipped).

The finished image swaps that we are working on.

Embedding Sound

Embedding flash (and other multimedia) at times has its difficulties..

I have found this MP3 to SWF converter that does a pretty good job.
Use the HTML example code it produces to embed the flash file it generated.

In these mini sites, see the difference that a midi file versus a flash sound file produces.

So let's add an mp3 file and convert it to a swf file.
Home On the Range mp3.

Cleaning up code

A good web designer always cleans up their code before doing a final publish.

Commands - Apply Source Formatting.

Commands - Clean Up HTML...

Lab 5

This lab is to test your knowledge of being able to do an autostretch table, multiple image swap, ability to add the ability to add sound.

Create a sub folder on your web server named "lab5".  Within "lab5" you will create a mini site.

This site must contain as a minimum:

  • Use of an autostretch table (that you developed from scratch).
  • Use of swap image (that you developed from scratch).
  • The embedding of sound in swf format (NOT mp3, midi, etc.)

Look at this example site for more information.

Use your imagination and creative skills. You may use advanced features if you desire.

Assignment is due one week from when it was assigned.  50% penalty if late.

Grading Criteria Possible
Use of an autostretch table. 5 5
Use of swap image. 5 5
Sound embedded in swf. 5 5