MMDT1144 Multimedia and the Web
Week 9

Week 9

Submission of a form requires a working cgi program on the server to accept your input from the form and to process it.  The cgi programs can be written in may different languages.  Some of the popular ones are Perl, C++, JSP, ASP.NET, or PHP.  Several CST courses are offered to be able to program cgi scripts.

In class we will be putting together this form to order t-shirts.

A Pie Chart creator.

Lab 9

Do:  Create a submission form.  Your posting action will be to the URL

Here is a snapshot of the form and the form variable names.  Also shown is the form action that is called upon submission.  Note:  Pay careful attention to the variable name case.  Variable names are cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

Build the web page containing the form.  Once built and published, test your form.  All input fields will be echoed back if your form is working correctly.

Grading Criteria Possible
A folder created in the site root labeled "lab9" 1 1
The form (see the snapshot) with ALL fields working. 10 10
hidStylesheet field and stylesheet created takes effect on results page. 4 4

Assignment is due one week from when it was assigned.  50% penalty if late.