MMDT1144 Multimedia and the Web
Week 1

Week 1

Install Dreamweaver CS5.5, CS6, or CC.

Dreamweaver setup
FTP host:  your domain name  (ex:
Host directory:  public_html/
Login:  first 5 letters of last name followed by first 3 letters of first name (ex: lastnfir)
Password:  your student ID number  (ex: 00012345)

Demonstrate some basic functionality.

Lab 1

This lab is to test your knowledge of being able to do basic file management and being able to upload files to the server.

Create an index.htm file and link to the lab1 folder.

Create a subfolder on your webserver named "lab1".  (This may already be done for you from doing the in class exercises.)

Under the subfolder "lab1" that you just created, create at least four subfolders with names of your choosing.

Now that you have the subfolders created, add various files into them.  The types of files I would like to see would be files normally found on a web site.  Examples would be htm, jpg, gif, png, etc.  You must have at least four htm (one htm in each folder), two jpg, two gif, and two png files.

All files must be linked together.  I should be able to navigate to every page and see every file by going from page to page.

The files that you upload do not need to have any special meaning.  You may create your own content from scratch, or you may copy material from another source.

Finished example.

The tree showing the subdirectories and files for my example site is shown below.

Assignment is due 1 week from when it was assigned.  50% penalty if late.

Grading Criteria Posible
A index.htm file in the root directory linking to lab1 folder. 2 2
At least four subfolders created under the "lab1" folder. 2 2
At least four htm files (one in each subfolder). 2 2
At least two gif files. 2 2
At least two jpg files. 2 2
At least two png files.. 2 2
All files are linked together 3 3

Assignment is due 1 week from when it was assigned.  50% penalty if late.