MMDT1144 Multimedia and the Web
Week 0

Week 0

Register a domain name.

Create a web hosting account.

Lab 0 (Domain Registration)

This lab is to test your knowledge of being able to register a domain name, set the DNS server addresses, install Dreamweaver, and create the first file (index.htm).

1) Register a domain name.  At the moment, $1.99 .info domain names are available at  However you may register any domain name at any registrar.  You may chose to register a .com or a .net which is more expensive.

2) Let me know what your domain name is so I can set up your web hosting account.

3) Set up the dns server addresses to the ones I specify (they are the ones for your web hosting account).

4) If you have registered a domain name and set up the DNS server addresses correctly, I should see at least a directory or a blank page of your server space that I gave you.

5) Assignment is due 1 week from when it was assigned.  50% penalty if late.

Grading Criteria Possible
Registered domain name and notified instructor what it is. 5 5
Set DNS server addresses to connect to hosting account. 5 5
Blank page or directory listing of webhosting space I gave you shows up. 5 5